AMIA 2018 Clinical Informatics Conference is where clinical informaticians and other users, developers and funders of health information technology convene, share, and learn about implementing team-based, integrated healthcare driven by data, evidence, and best practice to improve individual and population health outcomes. 

AMIA 2018 Clinical Informatics Conference is the “doing” conference, with an emphasis on applied clinical informatics. The conference is designed to offer workshop and presentation sessions that provide tools to attendees to help them in their day-to-day practice as clinicians, data scientists, HIT developers and researchers.

Covering a spectrum of issues—from incorporating patient engagement strategies, to improving system usability and interfaces, to analyzing and applying population health data, to using innovative mHealth and digital health solutions—the goal of the AMIA 2018 Clinical Informatics Conference is to provide a forum on both evidence- and experience-based clinical informatics that are already having an impact, or will contribute to improvements in health and healthcare.

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